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A paradigm shift in data integration and analytics for modern data architectures

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Data Ingestion

  • Ready to deploy connectors from different sources
  • Prepare a data lake from the source data
  • Ready to store structured and unstructured data
  • Leverage the extensive features of hadoop/big-data framework

Data Wrangling

  • Accelerate analytics process with an easy to use and data prep approach
  • Drag and drop ETL features to process and cleanse data
  • Set rules engine to filter data sets and alert before events occur

Data Analytics

  • Built-in visualization platform to build dynamic reports and dashboards
  • Navigation flows and context based data drilldowns
  • Easily add multiple dimensions to the data and get insights
  • Make data science and analytics simple and a novice job

Machine Learning

  • Automate processes and decision making using off the shelf predictive algorithms
  • Enable self learning and let the data models grow, change and become self improving
  • Import new machine learning algorithms using simple UI driven interface

Data Provisioning

  • Reuse raw and processed data for all sourcing needs
  • An unified catalog to support different formats of output
  • An unified access control mechanism that operates across networks and companies

Prepare, Analyze and Predict

Get the free trail, experience the amazing and powerful features of the platform…we bet you will be inspired and excited with new ideas

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