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Data Wrangling

Once the data is fetched and stored in the system, the real value of data can only be realized if it is meaningfully correlated and cleansed for performing research and analysis. the platform offers ‘drag and drop’ capability of various mySQL operations to clean up data and put the data into a Hadoop supported NoSQL Hadoop database layer. The Hadoop framework not only makes the platform scalability and high performance, but also enables in-memory processing using Spark framework increasing the performance by 10 to 100 times than conventional Hadoop based resource management system. For advanced and complex scientific operations, we have developed a SQL like language into the platform making it a complete data science platform.

The data can be cleaned and filtered as it is fetched from the source and the reports and analytics will simultaneously get updated. Integrated Rule engine enables transformation and cleaning up of data also helps creating alerts on the reception of data so the impact of an event can be minimized.